The World Roadway for Chinese Beauty

Leading the Beauty Fashion In China

Who is Zamagine?

Zamagine(Shanghai Zanxiang Trading Company Ltd.) was established in 2011, and located in Shanghai which is an internationalized city and the financial center of China.
What Zamagine Do?

Zamagine agents for the top-class products are from several branding of beauty and personal care in the world. And sharing the magic effects about those new fashion devices/products to our millions members in China. Most of our members are Chinese women at the high-end marketing. They will to invest in beauty always. And we have a 99 employees team to try our best to service them.


Marketing Share

Owned 39% marketing share of Chinese beauty industry.

Till August 2017, Zamagine serves 1,392,829 customers, we are one of the top sellers in the marketing of beauty industry in China. We believe the high-end market will growth more than 30% with the development of National Economy.

How Zamagine Do?

Multi-Brand is our core marketing strategy. Zamagine, as the dealer, owns 2 famous brands in local market. The channel strategy is online plus offline. And we are going to make the staff Mandy as the next stars.

Online - We maintain the online stores in famous B2C platforms included, and As well as other new-style platforms, such as which is based upon the social shopping. On the other hands, we are the vendor of every online store who is focus on the vertical beauty marketing.

Offline - since the summer of 2017, we opened the first showroom MEIXI BEAUTY to help consumers to experience our proxy products in Shanghai. The experience store wins great success. So the 2nd one in the same city opened. We will continue to distribute the model of the showroom to each cities in the next 10 years.

Zamagine used 3 years to setup the teams of the operations, customer services and modern ERP system, then took 3 years to improve them. In the next 10 years, our business will go up 800 times.

Enterprise Spirit

Dream, Target, Perfect and Responsible!

The power of confidence is far greater than what can be imagined.

Team Criterion

Target Oriented! Efficient Auction! Open communication! Team Spirit!

We are the team, you are not a person in the fighting!