2019 New Products Release
Silk'n Brand New Journey - To Find The Most Beautiful You

Silk’n, the world leading at-home beauty instrument brand from Israel, held its 2019 New Products Release themed ‘Silk'n Brand New Journey’ at Shanghai Waitan W Hotel on Feb.16th, 2019. Many celebrities, famous beauty bloggers and medias were invited to witness the whole process of the release.

The Brand New Journey · Thousand People Witness the New Product Release

What behind the dramatic change is relentless effort, just like Silk’n from Israel, who devotes to the innovation of at-home beauty instrument and leading the trend that bring professional beauty salon to everyone’s home.

Silk’n gets supported, praised and admitted by beauty bloggers

The event attracted many fashion icons, beauty bloggers, professional stylists. All of them trusted Silk’n and considered it the representative of safety, efficacy and cost-effective.

The famous beauty blogger Lao Zhong, and the professional doctor Wang Ruiyan who is from Beijing Air Force General Hospital, introduced Silk’n Tightra from both the professional and medical aspect, which help women to change from their ‘inside’ to the ‘outside’, to become more beautiful and gorgeous.

Cooperation between Silk’n and Tmall Global on the new product - Tightra

On this releasing event, Silk’n achieved its new cooperation with Tmall Global, to provide more considerate and high-quality service to women and bring Silk’n to more women with the support of Tmall Global.

Release Silk’n Tightra together with Lao Zhong Jia Dao

The new product, Silk’n Tightra , woman private care product, was sold out on Taobao within only 5 minutes during its first release in China. And this cooperation even lead a trend of private care among more than 100 thousands of women!

Silk’n has seized a number of fans in China’s at-home hair reduction products market with its high quality, reputation and sales volume. We all hope that it could bring more and better daily beauty products to customers.Tough time flies, Silk’n helps women to change, to keep beautiful and gorgeous as always!