HOII 2019 Spring&Summer New Release,
Enterign A New Age Of Sun Protection With ZHANG JUNNING

Yesterday afternoon, HOII's spring/summer 2019 new product release was successfully held in Taipei Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Over 10 celebrities who were dressed in HOII attended this event, including Zhang Junning, Ming Dao, Chen Jianzhou, Xu Kaicheng, Teacher Roger, Li Yongxian.

HOII’s annual release not only shows its new products to consumers, but also promotes its spirits.
Taking ‘WUXIANG’ as the theme of this year, HOII wants to express the value of ‘Believe beautiful things’, because as long as we spread love and positive energy to the world, the world would become more beautiful and harmonious.

This event was hosted by Chen Jianzhou and Hai Yufen. Chen Jianzhou told the audience that one of the reason why the skin-tone of FanFan (his wife, a famous popular singer) was really white was that Fanfan paid much attention to her sun protection.

There was another important part on this new release - giving awards to medias, bloggers, and distributors, as the popularity of HOII in recent years are all depended on their efforts.

Ming Dao, as an idol and actor, has attended HOII new product release twice, and he also called for all men could have the awareness that sun protection should become part of their daily skincare.

What surprised people yesterday was that the famous actress, Zhang Junning, was the new brand spokesman of HOII. Zhang Junning was loved by many people because of her healthy and positive attitude towards life, which also was one of the reasons that HOII wanted her as the brand spokesman.

Like in the previous years, this season, the products of HOII are in fashionable, trendy, sport and comfortable style as well, but with more considerate designs in detail.

What’s more, the mascot design of HOII - the HOII doll, was released at this event. The eyeball consists of endless roundness, to represent the HOII spirit of never stopping challenging; the white part of the eye was made by the earth and humans, to show HOII’s attitude on protecting earth environment; the eyelash consists of five persons, to represent traditional Chinese concept ‘WUXING’, which is also the express of five kinds of senses.

This new product release was successfully held, thanks to the attending of all the celebrities and fashion icons, to the effort by all the models and staffs, to the great ideas from all the designers, and thanks to all the guests and media; the most importantly, thanks to all the fans who love and support HOII all the time! Hope the new products of the next year could light up your life and wish all of you could become more beautiful than ever before!