Live broadcasting of Sephora
Plabeau -Retain youth for you

In the live broadcast of Sephora on April 2, the host Xin Guan shared with us the new technology -Plabeau plasma beauty meter. As a new plasma beauty meter, Plabeau was selected as the first portable plasma skin care instrument in the world.

Xin Guan introduced the brand background and patented low-temperature plasma technology of plabeau in detail, and showed us how to use Plabeau. As the same time, she shared the surprise effect brought by Plabeau to herself. During the live broadcasting , she threw some question to the audience, as well as the audience took this part actively and answered the questions.

Plasma skin regeneration(PSR) is a novel method of resurfacing that uses plasma energy to create a thermal effect on the skin. The study shows that autologous fibroblast injections can safely and effectively produce improvements in rhytids, acne scars, and other dermal defects continuing for at least 12 months after injection. In addition, pronounced wound-healing effect of exogenous nitric oxide obtained by the plasma chemical method was confirmed in rats with aseptic and infected wounds and in patients with complicated stubborn wounds, postradiation and trophic ulcers, necroses of transplanted skin flaps, etc. The study revealed normalization of microcirculation, decreased inflammation,enhanced phagocytosis, activation of macrophages, and accelerated proliferation of fibroblasts.

Not only can adults use it to eliminate inflammation and acne, maintain skin stability and improve the absorption rate of skin care products, but also babies can use it to treat eczema and dermatitis, which is an advanced technology to the whole family. Low temperature plasma technology can be used not only in the field of skin, but also in hair generation, air purification and drug delivery.

The application of plasma in skin care is a breakthrough in beauty field. In addition, piabio is not only limited to beauty, but also brings plasma to every aspect of our life, bringing us a new way of life.